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 How to use the ink cartridges?

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Ink cartridges is an important parts for printer, there are some tips for use ink cartridges:

1. Keep the ink cartridges at room temperature and avoid sunlight, heat and heat.

2. When the ink prints, the ink will run out, and you can still print several times in succession until the indicator light stops blinking and the print stops printing. Immediately, the ink cartridges should be replaced.

3. Immediately after the cartridge is removed, use it to prevent air from entering the ink jet port.

4. After the new cartridge on the machine to clean the print head 2-3 times until the self-test pattern to meet the requirements (because the ink cartridges in the production process, although the vacuum treatment, but sponge sometimes there will be a small amount of air in the long-distance transport May cause a small amount of air to rise to the ink, resulting in the impact of printing).

5. There are many factors that affect the quality of the print, in addition to the quality of the cartridge there are media selection, the original picture clarity, print output resolution, etc., in order to make the user when the quality of the printer to make the correct judgment.

6. The printer should always be used, even if not printed, but also to ensure that at least once a week boot. In the case of no printing for a long time, should be cleaned until the nozzle detection is normal to start printing.

7. Every time we add ink when we should pay attention to not too full, (ink tank filled with a cell, about 3-5ml), too full nozzle will leak out, print will be unclear; also pay attention The ink can not be stained with ink cartridges metal contact points, this will cause the machine can not identify the cartridge or burn the cartridge or even burn the machine.

8. Do not open the cartridge holder unless you want to replace the ink cartridge, otherwise the cartridge may not be usable. Laser printer cartridge often appear several phenomena.

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